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Meet the Brits who have become Spanish and will be voting as EU citizens in the 9 June elections
EU elections 2024

Meet the Brits who have become Spanish and will be voting as EU citizens in the 9 June elections

Brexit gave many residents the push to take out Spanish nationality; now they are proud of their EU citizenship

Jennie Rhodes

Friday, 31 May 2024

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For some British residents in Spain Brexit was not just about a blow to their freedoms as EU citizens. They didn't want to give up their right to be able to vote at EU level either. Getting Spanish citizenship meant they would be able to continue to vote in the European elections and start voting in the Spanish general elections.

Adrian Stone Mills and Hannah Morrish Wilson have lived in Malaga province since 2002 where they own and run a small hotel. They say, "In the years running up to Brexit we had reached our eligible years for taking out [Spanish] nationality and it was something we had discussed but never pursued. Brexit gave us the push we needed and in 2016, after the results were declared, we started the process for ourselves and our two children."

They add, "Now as European citizens we will be able to vote in the upcoming European elections. We have our ballot papers at the ready the research is done and we ready to go."

Lawrence Renaudon Smith has lived in Mallorca since 1993. After Brexit he decided it was time to apply for Spanish citizenship. "Of course I will be voting in the European elections this time. The main thing for me about having Spanish nationality is that now I am once again living in Spain as my right, like I did as an EU citizen," he explains.

David Eldridge has lived in Mallorca since 2008. He says he started the process of applying for Spanish nationality in 2019. "Basically I didn't want my European citizenship taken away and had a way to avoid that."

He adds, "Voting is the main practical advantage, but others are slightly easier bureaucracy and much easier travel." But he says the biggest advantage "is a psychological one. Once again my passport reflects my European identity. Having lived in different countries including outside Europe, my number one identity is European."

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