A person receives a Covid-19 vaccination. / EFE

Madrid to destroy 100,000 Covid vaccines after Health ministry stops them from being donated

The doses were left over after Spain's Ministry of Health ordered the regions to stop using the AstraZeneca and Janssen formulas


The Community of Madrid will destroy 100,000 doses of expired coronavirus vaccines as the country’s Ministry of Health has not accepted the region’s offer to donate the vials.

Out of the 321,450 Jansenn vaccines received in the region only 236,743 doses were finally administered.

Spain’s Public Health Commission, in which the regions and the Ministry of Health are represented, agreed on 26 October that those originally vaccinated with the ‘single dose’ Janssen vaccine would be given a second additional dose of one of the mRNA vaccines – either Pfizer and Moderna.

The commission also agreed not to administer any more doses of the Johnson & Johnson Astra Zeneca vaccine.

As a result of the decision some 100,000 vials of vaccines from both AstraZeneca and Janssen have had to be discarded in the Madrid region.

They were offered for donation but the national Ministry of Health, headed by Carolina Darias, ruled this out and indicated that they should be destroyed instead, according to officials in Madrid.