Lidl is the latest supermarket to warn about scammers. sur
Lidl warns customers in Spain about fake offers and job advertisements

Lidl warns customers in Spain about fake offers and job advertisements

The German supermarket chain has reiterated that it only advertises via official channels, never on WhatsApp or via other messaging services



Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 18:10


The Lidl supermarket chain has issued a warning to the public about a scam which is doing the rounds in its name.

These types of fraud seem never-ending these days: offering products at ridiculously low prices or jobs with attractive working conditions, for example. Unfortunately, the messages and advertisements appear to come from reputable companies and many people are fooled by them, not realising until it is too late.

Lidl is the latest to suffer from this and is warning people not to respond to these communications which appear to come from the company.

“We are not selling TVs for 1.95 euros. We do not advertise promotions on WhatsApp. Our communications only come through official channels. We never ask for people’s bank details, so these should not be given to anyone. If you have doubts, ask us!” Lidl said recently on Twitter, also issuing a reminder that its Twitter account has a blue tick to show that it is genuine and distinguish it from fake accounts.

And with regard to job offers, Lidl says these are only advertised on its website, never on WhatsApp.

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