King Felipe publishes details of his personal wealth for the first time

The monarch has 2.6 million euros saved from the income he has received from the State and has no assets outside Spain

maría eugenia alonso

Thursday, 28 April 2022, 13:18


Felipe VI has decided to publish details of his personal finances for the first time in his eight-year reign. “It is not a knee-jerk decision, nothing to do with the news about the affairs of the King Emertius [his father]. It is in response to his convictions and his duty to the people,” said the Zarzuela palace.

The palace said the king’s wealth was precisely 2,573,392.80 euros. This amount is made up of, “2,267,942.80 euros in current or savings bank accounts and in investment funds,” and 305,450 “in pieces of art, antiques and jewels for personal use”.

King Felipe has no residential property in his name and has no assets in other countries, according to the information supplied.

The monarch’s wealth has been saved from the budget given to him by the State over the last 25 years, first as Prince of Asturias and later as the king. These payments have totalled 4,275,796.94 euros in that time, said the Royal household.

Felipe VI recently relinquished future rights to considerable wealth from his father, King Juan Carlos, amid the controversy of that king’s financial affairs.




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