How long will this spring-like weather remain in Spain with temperatures up to 24C?
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How long will this spring-like weather remain in Spain with temperatures up to 24C?

State weather agency (Aemet) has explained how long this anticyclonic episode will last, with the mercury climbing to above normal values for the time of year

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Wednesday, 24 January 2024, 15:45


Temperatures will continue to be above normal for this time of year at least until the weekend, according to Spain's state weather agency (Aemet). Precisely, on Thursday the anticyclonic weather will continue throughout the country, with a predominance of lightly cloudy skies and high clouds in some places and hardly any rain.

However, abundant low cloud is expected in the west of Galicia, the northern plateau, valleys of the southern plateau, the Ebro and northeastern depressions, which are likely to cause morning fog that will be denser and more prolonged in the northern plateau, especially in the valleys of the main rivers.

Aemet spokesperson Cayetano Torres does not rule out coastal fog in the north of the Mediterranean area and has forecast intervals of medium and high clouds with haze in the Canary Islands.

Minimum temperatures will rise mainly in the southeast in the east of both plateaus, in the Pyrenees and in the Upper Ebro, and maximum temperatures, which will reach 24C in some areas, will rise mainly in Andalucía and Catalonia, and will remain practically unchanged in the rest, except for slight decreases in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and Galicia.

Therefore, temperatures will remain high for the time of year in most of the country and frosts will be restricted exclusively to the high altitudes of the Pyrenees. Temperatures will be more typical of April or May.

On Friday, cloudy or clear skies will prevail and no rain is expected, although an Atlantic front is approaching and will leave medium and high clouds in the northern third of the mainland. There will also be abundant low cloud in the northern plateau, Galicia, valleys of the southern plateau, northeastern depressions and there is a chance of morning fog.

Coastal fog is expected in the area around the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Valencia, with light cloudy skies or with some high cloud intervals in the Canary Islands and probable calimas (Sahara desert sand in suspension) throughout the archipelago.

At the weekend, the anticyclonic situation will tend to ease, so that on

Weekend weather forecast for Spain

Saturday cloudy skies are expected, although with no precipitation, and fog, especially in the northern plateau, in the Duero Valley.

Looking ahead to Sunday there will be more cloud in the western half of the Spanish mainland and in the rest of the country there will be alternating grey skies with no rain with some areas where the sun will shine. In the Canary Islands, clear skies will prevail, except for the western islands at the end of Sunday.

Temperatures will experience a drop in maximum temperatures, especially in the southern half of the mainland on Saturday, and on Sunday they will decrease slightly in practically the whole country. In the Canary Islands there will be no change except for a slight rise.

Looking ahead to next week, forecasts indicate that temperatures will also remain above normal throughout the Spanish mainland, Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Likewise, rainfall is expected to remain below normal throughout the country, except in the Canary Islands.





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