Government sets the price of Covid antigen tests at 2.94 euros

Only pharmacies will be able to dispense the coronavirus diagnostic tests despite the fact that large stores had offered to sell them in Spain


Spain’s Commission for Medicine Prices (CIPM) has set a maximum price of 2.94 euros for the sale of Covid-19 antigen tests this Thursday (13 January) after high demand caused the price to skyrocket over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

The measure will take effect on Saturday, 15 January, and the coronavirus diagnostic tests can only be purchased in pharmacies despite the fact that several large stores had offered to dispense them as well.

Compared to other European countries, the price established by the Government is in the lower range. In Germany they are sold at 1.75 euros; in Portugal, 2.10 euros and in Greece, 2.70 euros. Meanwhile, in France they cost 6.01 euros (although they are free for those who are vaccinated); in Italy, between 5 and 10 euros; in Ireland, 8 euros; in Belgium, between 5 and 10 euros; in the Netherlands, 10; and in Switzerland, up to 20 euros.