Teresa Ribera is in favour of the measure being applied more specifically. / efe

How long will the 20 cent discount on a litre of fuel continue in Spain?

The Spanish government's emergency measure is due to end on 31 December but if it is extended will it be for all motorists or just specific drivers


The discount of 20 cents on each litre of fuel in Spain could becoming to an end for most people. The Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, indicated this week that she was in favour of a more specific discount after the present measure comes to an end on 31 December, to benefit sectors and families who need it most.

“The discount was an emergency measure in the summer, when fuel prices were very high and rapid reaction was needed. That is why the measure was applicable to everybody, because it was more straightforward to do it like that, but it is increasingly important to focus on those who are most in need, whether for professional reasons or because of low income,” she said during a radio interview.

Teresa Ribera is in favour of the measure being applied more specifically / sur

Ribera also said recently that people with the highest income had benefited most from a measure which is more expensive for the government than it had originally anticipated. The cost of the measure which was put into effect in April could be more than 6.2 billion euros by the end of the year, some 2 billion more than expected, despite fuel prices beginning to drop.

Price of petrol is lower now

According to the EU Commission’s latest Fuel Bulletin, a litre of petrol costs 1.771 euros on average at the moment, and diesel 1.963 euros. Petrol is therefore cheaper than it was before the discount was approved at the end of March (1.818 euros/litre), although diesel is more expensive (it was 1.837 euros/litre).

Although Teresa Ribera has insisted in the past that fossil fuels should not be discounted or be given favourable fiscal treatment, because that is an essential principle for promoting the transformation of the energy system, “that is not going to happen overnight and when prices are skyrocketing,” she has also said, and the change needs to be affordable for families. “A transition has to be fair for families as well,” she explained.