DGT issues reminder about the correct way to use roundabouts in Spain

DGT issues reminder about the correct way to use roundabouts in Spain


The Directorate-General for Traffic advice includes the correct way to enter and exit a roundabout as well as a reminder of who has priority


Tuesday, 7 March 2023


We may have been using roundabouts for decades but some drivers in Spain still do not know the basic rules for staying safe when using them. This has led to the national Directorate-General for Traffic issuing a series of reminders to drivers about how to use roundabouts correctly.

Between 2015 and 2019 there were 45,000 accidents with 58,000 injuries and 317 deaths according to a report by Associated European Motorists, with almost 10% of accidents happening at roundabouts.

The DGT has now issued a fresh reminder to drivers on the correct way to navigate a roundabout safely. The road authority department's full advice is listed below...

The full DGT advice

Roundabouts are a type of junction different from the rest, where the general rule of right-hand priority does not apply since priority applies to those who are already on it (providing that a signal - a traffic light, for example - does not say otherwise).

Driving around a roundabout involves three distinct stages: the entry, circulation on it and the exit.

Entrance, a critical moment

The approach and access to the roundabout are critical moments, in which more than half of the accidents (54%) occur, according to a study by the insurance company AXA.


When we approach a roundabout, we must look to the left, be patient and not rush. Reduce your speed, adapting it to the signalling and traffic on the road. Never enter a roundabout without being sure that we can do it safely.

Remember, priority is given to the vehicles already circulating around the roundabout. Therefore, at the entrance, always give them the right of way.

To enter, it is also essential to position yourself correctly: at a roundabout, it is mandatory to enter from the right lane whenever it is free and possible.

On the roundabout, in the outside lane

Once on the roundabout, we must drive in the outer lane whenever it is free, and we should use the others to overtake.


In roundabouts in urban areas, it is allowed to circulate using the lane that best suits our destination, although if we are going to leave the roundabout at the first exit, the recommended option will be to use the outside lane.

But be careful: if we are going to take the last exits or change direction, it is best to use the inside lanes - signalling each lane change and respecting the priority of other vehicles.

Exit, from the right-hand lane

If heavy traffic makes it impossible to switch to the outside lane in time, it is safest to take another trip around the roundabout to position yourself correctly. When approaching our exit, we must be located in the outside lane and signal the exit so that other drivers know that we are leaving the roundabout.

One frequently asked question is, can I exit the roundabout from the inside lanes? The answer is no, as a general rule. The regulation obliges you to leave in the outer right lane to avoid one of the classic offences at roundabouts: the 'cross over' from the inner lane, a manoeuvre that can cause a collision with a vehicle that is circulating in accordance with the regulations.

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