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Cyberattack knocks out several Aemet state weather agency websites in Spain

Cyberattack knocks out several Aemet state weather agency websites in Spain

The organisation's unusual weather phenomena reporting site, popular among amateur meteorologists, is among the casualties of Tuesday's attack

Ignacio Lillo


Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 23:21

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In the middle of the current crop of storms, a cyberattack has brought down one of the most popular services for amateur weather watchers in Spain. According to the state weather agency, Aemet, the singular atmospheric observations notification system (SINOBAS), a public science project to collect rare meteorological phenomena, is "temporarily suspended" as a preventive measure following the detection of this cyberattack, the target of which has not been disclosed.

It is common for witnesses to report unusual weather phenomena such as blowouts, tornadoes, hurricanes, and waterspouts, but also episodes of unusually heavy rain and hail or in unexpected areas, through this service which otherwise could not be studied. For example during the current episode of storms, sleet showers were been recorded off the Costa del Sol.

The cyberattack also affects other services such as the meteoglossary and Aemet's work at the Antarctica weather station, although weather agency sources are confident that access can be restored quickly, once the full safety of users is guaranteed.

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