Third shot is now available for people older than 40 / EFE

Coronavirus booster jab could soon be offered to everyone older than 18 in Spain

The third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine is now available to many of those in their 40s


Spain's Ministry of Health is studying the possibility of offering a third booster vaccination to everyone over the age of 18. It is expected the proposal will be approved in the coming weeks.

In mid-September 2021, a third shot was offered to residents of care homes and people undergoing immunosuppressive treatments. In November it was offered to people over the age of 60. On 15 December it was rolled out for anyone aged 40 or more. To date, 15.8 million people have received a third dose of vaccine, 57.33 per cent of all those aged over 40.

In December, the European Union urged countries to administer a third dose because “it could potentially reduce transmission and prevent additional hospitalisations and deaths." But at that time, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, rejected the recommendation because of Spain’s high rate of vaccination.

However, the explosion of Omicron cases rapidly made a third dose a priority. Madrid is now offering booster doses to people aged 40 to 45. In Galicia, 59 per cent of people aged 40 to 49 have had a third dose already.

Nationally by age group, 89 per cent of those over 70 have had a third dose; 80 per cent of people aged 60 to 69 and 42 per cent of people aged 50 to 50 have received their third shot. Only 22 per cent of those aged 40 to 49 have been boosted.