Brits at a Benidorm bar. Juan Carlos Soler
British newspaper advises avoiding two popular but 'vulgar' holiday hotspots in Spain

British newspaper advises avoiding two popular but 'vulgar' holiday hotspots in Spain

The Daily Mail article listed Seville and Benidorm amongst the worldwide destinations which the author advised against travelling to if people want to "stay ahead of the curve"

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Thursday, 12 October 2023, 07:52

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If there is one pastime that transcends borders, it is travelling. The British are no different, and their newspapers often publish reports and articles on places to go. Recently the tabloid Daily Mail has listed destinations to which they advise against travelling if you don't "want to appear vulgar". Among these destinations are the Spanish city of Seville and seaside holiday resort of Benidorm.

The article includes a selection of destinations to avoid, on the advice of "popular culture expert" Nick Ede. According to the publication, all the destinations on the list are "cliché destinations" and they clarify that "it's not that they don't deserve a visit", but they advise that if readers want to "stay ahead of the curve" it is best not to boast about having visited them. Other cities on this list are Mykonos, Santorini, Bali, Miami and Paris.

"Very touristy, a bit vulgar and certainly not out of the ordinary," the author wrote about Seville, the distinguished capital of Andalucía. However, he acknowledged that "there is something special about the city, the lifestyle, the narrow medina-like streets and the tapas culture have such a phenomenal emotional cliché appeal that people flock to it". In his critique he picks up on the words of José Luis Sanz, Mayor of Seville, in which he criticised stag parties in the city and suggested including measures so that everyone can enjoy the city.

In the case of Benidorm, the author does not hesitate to describe it as an "infamous destination" that "still retains the crown of the most vulgar destination in Europe". He claimed that over the last 30 years, Benidorm has earned "a reputation for being cheap and tacky", although he acknowledges its "enormous economic success" in attracting thousands of tourists, British and otherwise, each year.

"You can holiday as cheap and cheerful as you like. It may be a cliché, but if it's sun and sangria you're after, then Benidorm has it in spades," Ede wrote.

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