April's spectacular 'pink moon' arrives: what is it and when can you see it?
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April's spectacular 'pink moon' arrives: what is it and when can you see it?

The astronomical phenomenon can be enjoyed, clear skies permitting, during the early hours of Wednesday 24 April

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 21:18


The date has arrived and lovers of astronomy already have it marked on their calendars. It will be seen in the early hours of tomorrow morning. April's full moon - which will also be the first of the spring - comes with its own name: the 'pink moon'. This phenomenon will be seen in all its splendour in the early hours of 24 April, reaching its maximum at 1.49am (Spanish mainland time).

However, don't be misled by its name. It will not turn pink. Its name is not because of its colour, but because it has its origin in a wild plant - Flox musgoso or Phlox subulata - whose flower tends to acquire pinkish tones during this month.

Who chose this name? To find an explanation, we must go back to the Native Americans of the northern and eastern United States, who for centuries christened the full moons with different names, always relating them to nature. Therefore, this April full moon coincides with the first flower to appear in the North American fields, which is the pink moss.

In order to see this natural spectacle at its best, experts particularly recommend viewing it in areas away from light pollution. However, this is not enough. The weather is another determining factor, given that if there are clouds, it will be more difficult to see it at its best. In the case of Malaga city and parts of the Costa del Sol, Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) forecasts cloud cover at that time of the morning, which would spoil this astronomical phenomenon.

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