'Explosive' storm system set to bring rain, wind and rough seas to many parts of Spain on All Saints' Day

'Explosive' storm system set to bring rain, wind and rough seas to many parts of Spain on All Saints' Day

Temperatures will drop lower than normal at this time of the year as the country braces for bad weather on its 1 November public holiday



Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 10:53


An explosive cyclogenesis low pressure weather system is expected to bring rough seas on the coasts, heavy rain and strong winds to Spain this All Saints' Day, according to the national Met Office.

The 1 November public holiday will be marked with lower than normal temperatures, according to state weather agency (Aemet), which also forecasts the autumnal conditions to remain for the rest of the week. Spokesperson Rubén del Campo said bad weather from the Atlantic will continue to pass through the country this week, leaving rainfall, snow in the mountain areas, strong winds and colder temperatures.

One of the storms "we will have to pay special attention to", dubbed storm Ciarán by weather experts in the UK, threatens to be 'explosive'", he said. "The atmospheric pressure in its centre will drop by more than 24 hectopascals in less than 24 hours," the spokesperson added. This means the storm cell will be "very deep" and from Wednesday, will cause "very strong winds, bad sea conditions and heavy rain". After it has passed, another new storm cell is forecast to hit over the weekend, also bringing heavy rain and strong wind gusts to Spain.

All Saints' Day

Wednesday, a public holiday throughout Spain to celebrate All Saints' Day, will likely be spoiled by storm Ciarán for many. It will leave rain in Galicia, Asturias and the west of Castilla y León, although it will be weaker in other parts of the west and the centre of the country.

On Thursday the weather will be "more adverse", with very cloudy skies and widespread rainfall in Galicia, western Asturias and northwest of Castilla y León, according to the Aemet forecast. The weakest part of the storm cell will affect the Mediterranean area, but isn't expected to reach the south of Spain, although there could be some showers in the Balearic Islands.

Winds will be very strong on Thursday across Spain and the Balearic Islands, with gusts above 71 kilometres per hour in large areas of the country, even hurricane speeds in high mountain areas. Aemet is warning people to pay attention to objects that may fall from high points and tree branches that may also fall that day.

As for Friday, temperatures are expected to drop across the board, with frost in mountainous areas, and rainfall scarce. On Saturday, a new deep squall will affect the European Atlantic coast. It will rain across most of the country except in the Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands.

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