Stop Putin!

Let's hope that the sanctions to be applied will stop the bogeyman


I was going to write about other issues, but in the end the deplorable logic of current affairs has prevailed. In the end, the horde of the Russian army invading mother Ukraine, whose capital, the great Kyiv, is under attack, has prevailed. I do not know what I can do from this corner, to stop such an ordeal in borders where the blood of innocents begins to drip. Nothing or everything. Conscience is a lethal weapon; lucidity feeds on contrasts. It is incredible, but in spite of the diplomatic tricks of the West, neither Europe nor the USA have been able to stop the Russian aggression while Pope Francis remains silent as they say he did in Buenos Aires in 1976 (I don't want to believe it). The evolution of History is not nominalistic, without going any further, Cleopatra's face was not the cause of her suicide, but, somehow, it helped the collapse of Egypt against Rome.

In any case, Vladimir Putin is the son of the Soviet system; he was its spy, the executor of a country that for centuries, has wanted to destroy Europe and whatever is put in front of it, like Hitler, like Mao, in the delirious wake of Lenin, Stalin..., and now of Putin, a surname with resonances in Spanish (puta - prostitute), to the oldest trade in the world. History is a rubbish dump filled with the martyrs of the earth, the weak, the children. We have no reliable information on this war, what we see filmed is hardly transparent, this circumstance suits all the vampires that suck the fragile independence of free nations. I turn on the TV and on its screens Nicolás Maduro appears supporting the Russian dictator, and no wonder, arbitrary rulers understand each other, that is the divine justice of Jacobinism, of Marxism-Leninism, of Putin, that is the lineage of a Russia with 'little fathers' who have been crushing their people for centuries and need other enemies - in this case our coalition and above all the US - to consolidate an omnipotent power, which comes from Ivan the Terrible, what a nickname. The proclamations of pacifism are all very well, but they are already a dead letter while missiles are falling in the gardens of Kyiv or in the port of Odessa. Let us hope that the sanctions to be applied will stop the bogeyman. I doubt it. Donald Trump, that great patriot, is happy that Putin will crush the Biden administration, and in the process crush us all. More of the same: ultra-nationalism, populism, death to reason, demagoguery. Please, before the apocalypse, stop Putin!