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Have fun at the fair but keep your clothes on

Have fun at the fair but keep your clothes on

Pedro Luis Gómez

Friday, 18 August 2023, 16:41


The people of Malaga are throwing themselves wholeheartedly into their annual Feria like never before. Everyone wants to have a good time, to have fun. After Covid many of us have seen the writing on the wall and have learned a lesson; and now everyone is going out partying like there's no tomorrow.

The thing is all that caution and saving for the future went to pot when a Chinese bloke and his bat appeared from this borderless world and killed off millions of people.

Covid has taught us a lesson on the fragility of life, because who hasn't had cases they will never forget in their more or less immediate circles. So for whatever reason, because of that cursed bug or because we have not yet made up for the months that we were in lockdown, (we could well say 'penned in' given the ferocity with which we have burst out), people have a need to let their hair down and there's no better place for that than Malaga's Feria.

We have 24-hour partying, both in the city centre and at the magnificent fairground, which is getting more and more popular in the daytime (thanks to the air conditioning in nearly every 'caseta', of course), and people are having a great time, among other reasons because this week they are able to do what they normally would not, however...

The city's mayor, Francisco de la Torre, (who, despite not being a fair-going type has adapted to it as no one would have imagined), has said that people have to keep their clothes on at the fair both in the city centre and on the fairground. It seems obvious and ridiculous to say it, but it's not.

The 'fashion' of going shirtless, although fortunately last year the situation improved a little, is so vulgar and uncivilised that it cannot be allowed. The truth is that the mayor's request cannot and must not be just a plea for decorum but an order that comes with penalties for those who disobey.

Seeing someone half-dressed in the middle of the street is repulsive and must not be tolerated. And of course it does not just apply to the Feria; some tourists have decided in this hot weather to make it fashionable to walk through the park or the main city centre streets in their swimwear. Now look, we have plenty of philistines of our own without having to put up with them coming in from elsewhere.

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