The IVA reduction came into effect at the beginning of the year. SUR
IVA disappointment

IVA disappointment


It is still to early to know if the lower IVA on some food stuffs is deceiving the public or if they are happy with it


Thursday, 5 January 2023, 12:41


The man who saved twenty cents per litre of petrol to fill up the tank of his Ferrari can't take advantage of this discount anymore, but at least bread and milk will cost him a little less thanks to the IVA reduction that has affected us all since the beginning of the year.

It may sound populist to talk about the man with the Ferrari, but we musn't forget that this summer - when the price of fuel was over two euros - individuals like him benefited as much (or more) from this measure as the lady who cleaned his luxury room for as many euros as could be counted on one hand.

Nobody can argue that this government is the one that has activated the most measures in the whole of democratic history, although this statement is not a good one on its own. To have been paying the twenty cents is as much of a nonsense as the 200-euro cheque for vulnerable families is a success.

With the reduction of IVA on some products the same thing is happening.

These days, newspapers, radio and television are trying to find out if it has really been reduced, or if they are deceiving us and, above all, if the public are happy with it.

It is still too early to make a full assessment, but for the moment it seems clear that disappointment is spreading.

Wouldn't it have been better to leave the tax as it was and use that money to increase the amount of the cheques? Isn't society being told that the problem is taxes and not the way in which the large distribution chains take advantage of the situation?

The situation is not the same, but perhaps we should have been more ambitious and intervened on prices as we did the masks.

This would at least have taught a new lesson to the ultra-liberals who, for whatever reason, have retreated inside their cave. Do you hear the silence?

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