No smile for this tourist

The world looks on in surprise as we become indisputable leaders in all things Covid. This bug has thrown out all the tourists and settled in Spain, where obviously everyone would like to live.

Nine out of the ten regions in Europe with the highest rate of infection are in this country, and despite those who would like it to be (the political class is beyond repair, as is social media), Andalucía isn't among them, even though its population and size are greater than many European countries.

So what does that mean? Nothing, simply a rap on the knuckles for those who go around saying that in Andalucía we're more inept and do things worse than everyone else; it has to be said.

The thing is, in this burlesque spectacle playing out before us, it seems that there are politicians (generally those in the opposition) who hope for more wrong than right decisions to score a political goal, and no one is free of guilt. Where one side governs, the others are there; and where the others govern, they are there: both of them waiting for their adversary to make a mistake so they can jump into the arena and score a point. That's where we are, with the worst political class this country's had in decades.

And so what? Well look, if this bug has decided to come and stay in our house, let's not throw him a welcoming party, because this coronavirus disguised as a 'tourist' does not deserve a smile. Instead we have to try to throw him out anyway we can, although now it seems we're doing the opposite.

The way things were "relaxed" around this damn virus has been disgraceful. We didn't prepare ourselves for what could happen, nobody did; not those doing the governing or those being governed.

We sought shelter in the idea that the heat would kill it (as our distinguished professor, researcher and medical doctor Juan Manual Pascual said, in Spain great experts in virus and epidemics have emerged from under every stone) and we had faith.

What with those months of lockdown, when we applauded and danced and hardly noticed any coffins (even though there were thousands), and our politicians now immersed in everything except what interests the general public, it all seems like a bad dream.

But no. We have to get rid of this "tourist" who's come to live here. As long as he's among us the real tourists won't come.

And we won't sleep at night...