A woman shows her hand during a demonstration against gender violence. / AFP

Women's groups call for mass support for 25 November demonstrations

Over 3,000 cases of gender violence are being monitored in Malaga province alone


In Malaga province 3,468 cases of gender violence are being monitored at present, of which 90 involve children under the age of 18, and in over 1,000 cases, children are living with the victims.

"This is a palpable reality of the chauvinistic situations we live in and the 38 cases of murders that we have been dealing with are just the tip of the iceberg," spokesperson on gender issues for the IU party in Malaga province, Victoria Morales, said on Wednesday.

Morales was speaking at a meeting during a visit by the director of the Institute for Women, Toni Morillas, who also pointed out that only eight per cent of women who suffer gender violence report it to the authorities.

Official figures also show that Andalucía is the region of Spain where the highest number of reports have been made since records began to be kept, a total of 401,676. Last year, 33,956 cases were reported.

Toni Morillas called for people to support mass demonstrations which are being planned all over Spain today, 25 November, to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women. In Malaga city the demonstration will take place in the Plaza de la Merced at 7.30pm.

"This is a day when we have to mobilise ourselves and send a clear message to the Andalusian government. As the feminist movement has always said, we want fewer ribbons (to commemorate victims) and more money for prevention and support", she said. "The Junta's budget needs to be effective in the fight against gender violence and to achieve equality. There are only 180 Women's information centres in this region, even though there are more than 700 municipalities in Andalucía," she pointed out.

The movement hopes that millions of people will take to the streets to call for an end to gender violence. They want as many supporters as possible to raise awareness about the number of women who suffer from gender violence, and the fact that despite all efforts so far the problem is getting worse.