Will the rain return to Malaga and the Costa del Sol this week?

Will the rain return to Malaga and the Costa del Sol this week?

Spain's Met Office warns of the possibility of showers in the coming days and forecasts the mercury will rise until Thursday, when temperatures are expected to drop again

Raquel Merino


Tuesday, 5 September 2023, 09:25

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After the 'dana' (depression at high level of the atmosphere) weather system left heavy rainfall throughout many parts of Spain at the weekend, in the coming days Andalucía will experience alternating cloudy skies and the possibility of scattered showers, although "small amounts and not everywhere", according to the regional delegate of the state weather agency (Aemet). However, Juan de Dios del Pino has specified that these rain showers will not involve "large amounts and will not exceed 5mm".

In Malaga, Aemet forecasts rain from Wednesday onwards, although the probability increases on Thursday until midday, decreases during the evening of the same day, and rises again on Friday, although with less likelihood. It will be Malaga city and inland municipalities - where Aemet puts the probability of rainfall on Thursday at 90% - that may be most affected.

As for the temperatures, the regional delegate in Andalucía said that right now they are relatively low for this time of year, and that the thermometers "will rise by around 5C between now and Thursday and could reach 30 or 31 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley", which "is still below the average", which is currently 33 or 34 degrees.

However, Del Puno said that from Thursday onwards the maximum temperatures "will drop again by two or three degrees". Meanwhile, night-time highs "will rise, but still be low" for the time of year.

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