Calle Larios, deserted during the brief spell of rain last week in Malaga. SALVADOR SALAS
Welcome rains forecast for southern Spain from Thursday onwards

Welcome rains forecast for southern Spain from Thursday onwards

Temperatures will tend to drop, especially inland, after having been well above normal for November


Tuesday, 29 November 2022, 11:22


Spain's meterological agency Aemet has forecast rain for Malaga province this week. On Wednesday afternoon a cold, low pressure front is expected to move in which will be located over the Gulf of Cadiz on Thursday, according to the director of Aemet in Malaga, Jesús Riesco. Over the weekend, another low will come in over the Atlantic to the west.

However, the rains are expected to be generally light and concentrated in the west and not the east where they are most needed to alleviate the drought situation.

On Thursday and Friday, rain is expected inland and the westernmost coast (Sierra Bermeja and Estepona), but in only small amounts, around five litres per square metre. There is a chance that light showers will fall on the rest of Malaga province. The areas with the heaviest rainfall will be Huelva and Cadiz.

Saturday will be changeable. The movement of the second front on Sunday will bring rain again, but mainly in the westernmost part of the province, while in the city and in the Axarquía rain is not expected.

From 5 December, a continuity of low pressure is expected, which may change pattern and move further east.

What is certain is the arrival of more wintery temperatures this week, although, in general, it will not be a sharp drop. In the interior today temperatures will stay low, while on the coast the warm terral wind will maintain elevated temperatures.

In Antequera, the minimum yesterday was 6C , 8C in Ronda and 12C at the airport. Antequera temperatures will fall to 2-3C today, while in Malaga the nights will be between 10C and 13C.

As for the maximums, they will remain high today, with about 21C expected, although later they will tend to drop to 18C. The temperatures are still slightly above normal figures – the average for this time of year is 9C at night and 18C during the day.

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