Federico Beltrán and Nano inside the Seat Ibiza that he donated to the young man. Salvador Salas

Watch as the boss of Malaga company donates a car to TikToker whose video touched millions of people

Nano had detailed his financial struggles holding down two jobs and being forced to walk two hours to work after his own vehicle broke down

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Friday, 29 September 2023, 16:31


A Malaga company has donated a car from its fleet of vehicles to a young man who has touched millions of people with his challenging life story after one of his videos went viral on TikTok.

David, nano.jr10 on the social media platform, became famous for his reflections and holding down two jobs at the same time at just 22 years old to raise his family. A delivery driver for Amazon during the day and waiter at a Vips restaurant at night, he already has almost 160 thousand followers on the network.

Nano, from Toledo, gained more than 5.2 million hits online after he recently shed light about his personal story. It touched millions of people, including Federico Beltrán, the president of Malaga company Famadesa, who offered the 22-year-old a car after his vehicle broke down and was been forced to walk two hours to work.

At first Beltrán was going to give David a 2007 Seat Ibiza, as he promised a few days ago on Canal Sur's Hoy en Día programme via telephone. But, after learning more about his story, Beltrán was taken aback and decided to give him a practically new one with insurance. "After watching the video, seeing what Nano did and what he was like, I said 'No, we're going to give him a better car.'" Specifically, he has given him a red 20222 Seat Ibiza, almost new, with barely 4,000 kilometres on the clock.

Humble family

In the video uploaded less than a week ago, Nano - whose real name is David - reproached young people his age on dropping out of high school. "Let's see, kids. I have a very serious question: If you come from a good family, that has money, that gives you your allowance, that buys you things, that doesn't lack anything, why do you leave school?" he asked.

The young man went on to say that he comes from a humble family and is currently "working two jobs, killing myself to work". The other day my sister was missing a pair of trainers and I bought them for her, he added. "At home there is a lack of oil and I buy two big bottles of oil. I am here trying to get my family ahead because that's what I have to do," he said.

Nano works as a delivery man for Amazon from Monday to Sunday and then works at American food chain VIPS at night from Monday to Friday - sometimes working both jobs on the same day.

A free car on live TV


Federico Beltrán, president of Famadesa, announced on Wednesday that he was going to give Nano a car so that he could get to work without having to walk. Beltrán made the announcement during a live broadcast on Canal Sur's Hoy en Día programme that he was going to donate a Seat Ibiza and would not have to pay for anything except the insurance. "He is a young boy, who is working and wants to make his way in these difficult times," Beltrán said. "The fact that he has this desire to work and to improve himself is what struck me the most," he added.


After hearing the news Nano told SUR that he had not expected it at all. "I never imagined the impact it was going to have, that it was going to be on TV and that many teachers were going to show it to their students in class," he said. "I only have words of thanks to everyone for everything that is happening to me. That's what I want people to know," David added.

"I'm still in shock, I still don't believe it. I'm also super grateful to everyone. You are showing me that there are very good people and that if you fight for things, good things happen to you," acknowledged Nano, still nervous about his emotions. "That is the message I want to send to young people, that if you do good things, good things happen to you," the TikToker reaffirmed.

He still holds down the two jobs he had. "I still have a contract with them, but since I had accumulated holidays, they have left me free for a couple of weeks until everything calms down." He acknowledges having received many job offers, so he still needs to evaluate the current situation to see what his next step will be.

"I believe that the boy is an example for the youth. Effort, work and joy is important. Things can be achieved and not everything is bad. The majority of youn people are good and want to do things well," said Beltrán, who acknowledged that he would like to keep in contact with Nano in the future.

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