Specialists from Malaga fire brigade rescue the victims. Video: CPB /Ayuntamiento de Málaga

Two young hikers forced to leap into reservoir to escape men who allegedly groped and threw stones at them

The victims, both foreign, were forced to swim towards the central area of the Limonero reservoir in Malaga to escape the attack, before being rescued by the emergency services

Juan Cano


Monday, 22 May 2023, 11:33


Two young women have been rescued by Malaga's fire brigade after they were forced to jump into the Limonero reservoir to escape a group of men who allegedly groped them and beat them with stones.

The two Ukranian women, both in their early 20s, were approached by four young men on a walk about 4.30pm on Saturday, 20 May in the area around the reservoir.

Two of them grabbed one of the women and started to touch her, the victims told police. They started screaming and then one of the men hit one of the women on the head with a stone. They even threw her into the water and tried to drown her, according to the victim’s statement.

Her friend threw herself into the water to escape and swam towards the central area of the reservoir to get away from the men. They allegedly bit her when she tried to get away and threw stones at her. The victims’ belongings which were left ashore were stolen, including their phone which meant they could not phone for emergency services.

Local Police and fire fighters eventually located and rescued the women using an inflatable boat. They had swallowed a lot of water and suffered scratches and bruises consistent with the violence they reported, police said.

Both were taken to the Malaga's Regional hospital for a checkup due to the head injuries they sustained from the attack. The National Police have taken over the investigation. No arrests have been made yet.


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