Stalls at the Ronda Romantica market in the mountain town (file image). SUR
Unmissable events for foodies around Malaga province this month
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Unmissable events for foodies around Malaga province this month

From cocktail tours to festivals with free tastings and food markets, here are some of the gastro experiences on offer this month

Javier Almellones


Monday, 3 June 2024, 23:11

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Two thirds of June officially belongs to spring, but there is no doubt that it is a month that tastes more like summer. This is not only noticeable in the temperatures and the influx of bathers on the beaches, but also in the different gastronomic events on offer across Malaga province this month. You only have to look at the what's on list to see activities that include sampling refreshing dishes such as 'porra' (a cold summer soup) or others with a more maritime flavour such as 'espeto de sardinas' (grilled sardines on skewers) as the main players.

If those dishes do not tempt your taste buds, then there are also cocktails and tapas routes, as well as some markets that offer visitors the opportunity to try and buy local and seasonal products. These are some of the flavoursome events not to be missed in June:

  1. 1

    Until 9 June

    Route of the Espeto de Diario SUR

Every year, this event goes in search of the best 'espeto' (sardines grilled on a skewer over hot coals) in Malaga province from a selection of beach bars and restaurants on the Costa del Sol. The competition, now in its seventh year, has 43 participants and is organised by Málaga en la Mesa and SUR newspaper in collaboration with Malaga provincial authority (Diputación), the Sabor a Málaga local produce marketing band, brewer Cruzcampo and Playas Costa del Sol. The final will involve a cook-off between the five best 'espeteros' (sardine cooks), who will have to demonstrate their skill in preparing this traditional dish.

  1. 2

    From 6 to 9 June

    Ronda Romantica market

Stalls at the Ronda Romantica market in the town.
Stalls at the Ronda Romantica market in the town. SUR

Within the huge Ronda Romantica event, there is a part of it with lots of flavour where you can try and buy dishes and products from both the Serrania de Ronda and other parts of Malaga province and Andalucía. This is the Ronda Romántica market, which will be held on the same days as the main event in different locations around the historic town: all three main squares (Duquesa de Parcent , Ruedo Alameda and Pérez Clotet) and in the shade of the Almocábar fortified walls.

  1. 3

    From 6 to 9 June

    Cártama tapas and cocktail route

This event involving Cártama's restaurants and bars has reached its tenth year in 2024. The main feature of this route is that it includes both tapas and cocktails. From 6 to 9 June, a total of 37 bars, restaurants and pubs will be open to visitors. Specifically, there will be 26 establishments providing tapas (plus drinks) and 11 serving cocktails. The price will be the same for all drinks, 3.50 euros. The itinerary includes locations in Cártama Pueblo, Estación de Cártama and El Sexmo. As with other gastronomic routes, prizes will be awarded to the winning participants.

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    8 June

    Almáchar intercultural gastronomic meeting

The meet-up is organised in a marquee at the entrance of Almáchar.
The meet-up is organised in a marquee at the entrance of Almáchar.

In this village, known for its moscatel wine and 'ajoblanco' (garlic and almond cold summer soup), there's an event held on the second Saturday of June, now in its third year, in which the main players are the foreign residents. The different nationalities represented in the village today bring together some of the most famous dishes from their countries of origin, making a real Tower of Babel for foodies to sample. The fiesta will take place from 1pm in the María Zambrano park, at the entrance to the centre of Almáchar.

  1. 5

    15 June

    Alfarnate cherry market

For the second consecutive year, the cherry harvest will again be low, due to the weather. This means that a similar format to last year will be repeated in Alfarnate, in which there will be a market with some producers of this fruit, but an event of the importance and size of the cherry day will not be happening. On this occasion it will be held on the third Saturday in June, in a festival that will not be lacking in other products from the village and the surrounding area.

  1. 6

    Until 30 June

    Cocktail route in Torre del Mar

Cocktails are the key feature of this drinking route in Torre del Mar.
Cocktails are the key feature of this drinking route in Torre del Mar. SUR

Back in March the tapa was the main feature, but in June cocktails rule. Torre del Mar is back with a vengeance with this route which began on 24 March and will last until 30 June. These drinks, which can be with or without alcohol, will have a set price of 6 euros. Participants will be able to win prizes in raffles linked to this event.

  1. 7

    Every Sunday in June

    Guadalhorce agri-food market

Every Sunday, from 9am to 2pm, this food-themed market is held at the entrance to Coín, next to La Trocha shopping centre, offering a good opportunity to buy produce directly from the people who grow it. In June many seasonal products appear, such as melons, watermelons, prickly pears, tomatoes and peppers, among others. In addition, there are usually stalls selling processed products such as cheeses, cakes and sweets, breads and deli sausages.

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