Thunderstorm. File image. SALVADOR SALAS

An unexpected thunderstorm surprises Malaga and leaves rain in the province

Aemet forecasts pointed to possible rainfall in Granada, Jaén and Almeria this Monday, but the clouds first discharged rain on the Costa del Sol and in many parts of the area



Monday, 29 August 2022, 09:41


A spectacular thunderstorm surprised the people of Malaga this Monday morning, 29 August. The state weather agency forecast did not point to possible rainfall in the province today, but the unexpected rain has refreshed the atmosphere in many areas.

Aemet has pointed out that it is a high-based storm that is going to leave "more noise than rain". Therefore, intense or prolonged rainfall is not expected, in fact, Aemet forecasts that it will soon move on throughout the morning.

The prediction is that the storm will head east and carry the rain towards Jaén, Almeria and Granada where the forecasts do suggest a high probability of precipitation. In Granada it reaches 85%, while in Jaén and Almeria provinces it remains at 50%.

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