Threat of flight cancellations across Europe extends into August

European airlines have already cancelled 15,788 flights scheduled for next month due to strikes and staff shortages

Pilar Martínez

A report by Cirium, which analyses data on more than 35 million flights a year and 97 per cent of commercial operations, warns that European airlines have cancelled 15,788 flights scheduled for August due to strikes and staff shortages, accounting for two per cent of their total schedule and 60 per cent of worldwide operations.

It adds that airlines worldwide have reported 25,378 flight cancelations from their August schedules, which equates to 818 flights per day, with 4.4 million seats remaining unsold – just under one per cent of the total schedule.

The Cirium report highlights that the European continent is the region being hit hardest due to a combination of soaring pent-up demand coupled with staff shortages and labour disputes that are resulting in several strikes.

A study by Mabrian Technologies noted that Spain saw 423 flights cancelled (1.08 per cent of its capacity) between 1 and 15 July. Germany is the European country with the most cancelled flights – almost 1,500 – affecting 6 per cent of its capacity

Mabrian points out that, in general, airlines throughout Europe are finding customers alternative flights.