Killian Brack and Marcelo Miñano, founders of OG Shack. A. C.
The spicy sauces that are labelled 'made in Malaga'
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The spicy sauces that are labelled 'made in Malaga'

Marcelo Miñano and Killian Brack's company, OG Shack, uses natural ingredients and avoids pasteurisation and preservatives

Antonio Contreras


Friday, 7 June 2024, 16:35

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It is said that you never know what the future holds. And it is said with good reason. Just ask Marcelo Miñano and Killian Brack, whose paths became intertwined during a mango harvest. A handful of the tropical fruit ended up creating OG Shack, a company dedicated, fundamentally, to the creation of 100% handmade, natural and preservative-free hot sauces.

"I don't think we are very normal people," they say at the beginning of the interview. Miñano defines himself as a unique individual, with unusual interests for his age. As an example of this, he cites the plans he liked to make when he was just a teenager.

"When everyone else was thinking of going out partying, I would plan to have dinner at home and feed my family and friends," says the young entrepreneur. Brack, for his part, felt out of place in normal circles from an early age as well. So much so that he decided to drop out of school, only to return again later, because it's all about following the pace each person considers right for themselves.

Marcelo Miñano.
Marcelo Miñano. A. C.

A few years ago, Brack was, among other things, tending the garden of the Miñano family. The Miñano family, originally from Murcia, has been involved in agriculture in one way or another for generations. Marcelo's father, Antonio Miñano, decided to continue this tradition, albeit with a twist. He is a fruit trader, who looks for the best produce from every corner of the world. Along the way, he ended up acquiring some Spanish mango seeds, which he decided to plant at his home. When the tree began to bear fruit, Marcelo Miñano offered part of the harvest to Brack - and this is where his own roots come into play.

Gregory Brack, Killian's father, is a renowned chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. When mangoes arrived on his doorstep, he and his son decided to make a spicy mango habanero sauce. The next day, as a thank you, Brack brought a handful of jars to Miñano. They began giving out samples of the sauces to friends and family. But the demand spread beyond their circles, always through word of mouth. At this point the two young men realised that there was something there. They continued production of the mango habanero sauce while experimenting with new products and flavours to create new types of sauce. This is how OG Shack was born, a small company founded on friendship and with a clear philosophy: spicy sauces, fresh products and no unnatural preservatives.

Killian Brack.
Killian Brack. A. C.

"In my house we have always loved spicy food. Spicy is not the vinegary sauces that we find in most supermarkets. It is much more than that, it has a multitude of flavours, nuances and intensities. In fact, spicy is good for the body," says Brack. For the young entrepreneurs, there are no people who don't like spicy food, they just haven't found the right type yet. "There are different intensities and flavours. Among our customers there are many who start with the mildest sauces and, as soon as they get the taste for it, they end up moving on to hotter flavours and intensities."

They currently have various sauces in their catalogue, which are updated seasonally. They have a small vegetable garden where they grow some of the ingredients they use and they try, above all, to know who is behind each product that ends up becoming an ingredient in their recipes, always using local produce whenever possible. "We want to grow, but organically, so that we don't lose the essence and quality of our products," say both partners.

Although its growth is slow, it is constant and persistent. So much so that they have already collaborated with restaurants such as Tercer Acto, Momag and Bendito Bocado, among many others.

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