These are the holidays and long 'bridge' weekends in the 2023-2024 school calendar in Malaga

These are the holidays and long 'bridge' weekends in the 2023-2024 school calendar in Malaga

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There are 12 national and regional holidays and another two local holidays proposed by each municipality

Francisco Gutiérrez


Wednesday, 20 September 2023, 18:45


The new school year in Malaga province is already under way at all levels of education, from nursery, pre-school (three to five years), primary and special education. This academic year 2023/24 has many public holidays, the odd long 'puente' (bridge) weekend and, of course, Semana Blanca and the Easter holidays.

According to the decree of the governing council of the Junta de Andalucía which determines the calendar of public holidays in the region for the current academic year, there are 12 national and regional holidays. In addition to these 12 days, there are two local holidays proposed by each municipality.

The 2023 calendar will allow for a few ‘puentes'. The 12 October, a public holiday, falls on a Thursday. And the public holidays in December fall on Wednesday 6th for Constitution Day and Friday, the 8th for Immaculate Conception Day. In this case, it has been agreed that local public holidays that fall on non-teaching dates (during school holidays), as is the case in Malaga city, for example, will be made up on October 13th, which means that there will be a long weekend from October 12th to October 15th, and also due to the local public holiday on December 7th there will be a long weekend from Wednesday 6th to Sunday December 10th.

The rest of the national holidays are in the middle of the week. Therefore, November 1st, All Saints' Day, is a Wednesday, the same as May 1st.

In the school calendar of Malaga province, Semana Blanca falls between February 26th (Monday) and March 1st (Friday), which includes the Day of Andalucía holiday (28 February). The Christmas holidays will be between December 25th (Monday) and January 5th (Friday). Three Kings Day is on the Saturday. The Educational Community Day has been marked on the calendar on December 26th, when it is the Christmas holidays. Holy Week will be between March 25th and 31st.

Local holidays that fall on non-school dates (on school holidays) will be held on October 12th (joined with Pilar’s Day) and on December 7th, between the holidays on the 6th and 8th. In towns with a local festival during the non-school period, it will be held on December 7th.

In the case of areas whose two local holidays coincide with the school term, the two corresponding local holidays will be holidays.

The ordinary class regime for primary schools ends on June 21st, and on the 24th for the rest of the classes. For the second year of baccalaureate, the end of the course is brought forward to May 31st.

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