These are the 103 mayors elected in Malaga province

These are the 103 mayors elected in Malaga province

Town councils around Spain were constituted on Saturday, with a majority of PP mayors in the province, followed by PSOE

Monday, 19 June 2023, 11:59


New town councils were formed in ceremonies on Saturday, 17 June, in all of the municipalities in Spain, following the local elections on 28 May. In the 103 town halls of the province of Malaga councillors elected their new mayors.

In many cases one party had an overall majority and the vote was simple; in others parties had already sealed pacts.

The conservative PP is the party with the most mayors in the province of Malaga, with 47. They are followed in number by those of the PSOE, with 34, Con Andalucía with eleven, the four from Por Mi Pueblo and other independent groups.

The below table shows the mayor of each municipality, whether they have been reelected (repite) or whether they are new to the job (nuevo). It also show whether they have an absolute majority (mayoría absoluta) or are ruling with a coalition deal or in a minority government.

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