Navarro with leaders of the Malaga Partido Popular. Ñito salas
Costa del Sol's foreign residents included in PP campaign to extend train line

Costa del Sol's foreign residents included in PP campaign to extend train line

The Partido Popular has launched a social media campaign in English aiming to reach as many of the 350,000 foreign residents registered in Malaga province as possible

Antonio M. Romero


Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 12:58


The Partido Popular is hoping to get the more than 350,000 foreign residents registered in Malaga province on board in its campaign to extend the coastal rail service along the western strip of the Costa del Sol.

The political party has launched a campaign on social media in English - with plans to also launch it in other languages - so foreign residents can be looped into the project and aware of the calls to suspend AP-7 motorway tolls until the government meets demands for the rail service.

Partido Popular president Patricia Navarro presented the campaign on Monday 29 April, alongside Benahavís councillor Scott Marshall, who appears in a video insisting on a need to extend the costal railway to Marbella, Estepona and Algeciras.

"The aim of this campaign in English is to inform about the Partido Popular's claim, a fair claim to draw, plan and implement the train along the coast, after six years paralysed by the Sánchez government," said Navarro, who added that the foreign community "has the same problems, concerns and desire to progress as any native Malagueño who suffers first-hand from this collapse of mobility on the western coast".

She also pointed out that there are municipalities, especially on the coastal strip, with a high percentage of foreigners, and said the profile of the residents has changed over the last half century and that now a large number are highly qualified workers and digital nomads who regularly travel to their home countries "thanks to the good connectivity of the airport" and understand the issues with transport along the coast, the lack of alternative transport to private vehicles and the obligation to use the toll "to avoid continuous traffic jams in the area".

Between 248 and 389 euros per month

Navarro said the main reason for travel along the Costa del Sol is "for work or studies" and argued the use of the toll with the regular user voucher amounts to 248 euros per month, while someone who does not have this voucher and goes from Malaga to Estepona from Monday to Friday would have to pay 389 euros per month.

For this reason, Navarro said the coastal train and the temporary suspension or reduction of the toll is a "legitimate, fair and logical demand" in which they want to involve the foreign community and warned "the main threat" to the growth and progress of the Andalusian Mediterranean is the "collapse of mobility due to the lack of investment in these six years of the Sánchez and PSOE governments".

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