These are the main fairs and festivals that are well worth a visit in towns across Malaga province this spring

These are the main fairs and festivals that are well worth a visit in towns across Malaga province this spring

From now until the official arrival of summer many municipalities such as Estepona, Marbella, Coín, Alhaurín El Grande, Alhaurín de la Torre and Antequera will be celebrating key events on their calendars

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 10:58


From now (23 April) to 20 June around 20 fairs and patron saint festivals will be held in the province that, in many cases - and given the temperatures we're experiencing during these days of spring - have an undeniably summery feel to them. Things kicked off yesterday (22 April), with the Virgen de los Remedios fiesta in Cártama town and continue right through to 20 June, when the San Juan fair begins in Alhaurín de la Torre, several key towns such as Estepona, Marbella, Coín, Alhaurín El Grande and Antequera will be hosting equally important events. These are the main ones.

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    From 26 to 29 April

    Fair of San Pedro de Verona Mártir, in Genalguacil

This village in the Serranía de Ronda has been known as a living museum for over 20 years thanks to its commitment to bringing contemporary art to its streets, squares and even a few rooftops. But Genalguacil is also a municipality with deep-rooted, religious traditions. This can be seen every year in the last days of April. An important fair is held there that revolves around the day of their patron saint, San Pedro de Verona Mártir, but which has an amazing atmosphere over several days. This year the feria will be held between Friday 26 and Monday 29 April.

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    From 1 to 5 May

    Spring Fiestas, in Coín

The fifth month of the year begins with a bang in Coín, where several important events are being held as part of its spring fiestas. The stage will be set for the town's celebrations from Wednesday 1 May, which is a national holiday, until the first Sunday of the month. During these days, in addition to musical performances and a fun and festive atmosphere, three events will be held that are deeply enshrined in the town's history, such as the climb up to the shrine of the Virgen de la Fuensanta, the Day of the Cross (Friday 3 May) and the Fiesta de la Naranja (Sunday 5th - this 'orange festival' commemorates the end of the fruit's harvest).

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    From 10 to 15 May

    San Isidro Fair, in Estepona

Feast of San Isidro Labrador, in Estepona.
Feast of San Isidro Labrador, in Estepona. Turismo Estepona

In the province of Malaga, there are several festivals around 15 May in honour of the patron saint of San Isidro Labrador. The first of these is usually the one in Estepona, a tourist town where agriculture and livestock farming were once very important. For five days, the municipality will be in full fiesta mode, culminating in the procession of the saint. Before that there will be a lively atmosphere and partying both day and night.

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    From 10 to 16 May

    San Isidro Fair, in Periana

Only a few days later Periana celebrates its famous Día del Aceite Verdial (honouring the liquid gold olive oil that is their local agriculture) will the town already be turning its attention to another of its great spring festivals, the one dedicated to its patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. One of the highlights of the festival will be their procession of the saint, in which it is customary to throw wheat onto the float (called a throne in Spanish), but there is plenty more to enjoy in the days before and after this moment. In the following week there is also the pilgrimage.

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    From 15 to 19 May

    San Isidro Fair, in Cártama Estación

Another town that has San Isidro Labrador as its patron saint is Cártama Estación. Three weeks after the April fair in Cártama town, this neighbouring, railway town celebrates a fair that includes among its highlights their pilgrimage for the same patron saint. The feria atmosphere continues for a few days following that pilgrimage.

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    From 14 to 19 May

    Churriana Fair

Although the procession for San Isidro Labrador will still be held on 15 May, the party element to this fiesta has been moved to the following weekend, running both day and night on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May in this district of Malaga city.

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    From 22 to 26 May

    Alhaurín El Grande Fair

Day fair in Alhaurín El Grande.
Day fair in Alhaurín El Grande. Ayuntamiento de Alhaurín el Grande

Another town in the Guadalhorce valley that celebrates its main fair in springtime is Alhaurín El Grande, although normally, given the temperatures that the province tends to offer in the second half of the season, it has a strong summer flavour. Both day and night the fun is guaranteed both in the centre of the town and at the main fairground.

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    30 May to 2 June

    Spring Fair in Antequera

It is true that the most important event is the Real Feria de Agosto in summer, but in Antequera nobody avoids the great event that is the Spring Fair, which is also associated with a very important agricultural and livestock event (Agrogant) and a Sabor a Málaga event for the foodies among us. With this in mind, this annual event will begin on the penultimate day of May, when there will be a fun and festive atmosphere both in the town and at the main fairground.

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    From 5 to 11 June

    Marbella Fair

Atmosphere of the day fair in Marbella.
Atmosphere of the day fair in Marbella. Delegación de Fiestas de Marbella

San Bernabé is the protagonist of the most important spring fair on the Western Costa del Sol. Marbella is committed every year to its most deeply-rooted traditions with this festival. This year it will be held between Wednesday 5th and Tuesday 11th June - note this will also be a public holiday in the town. For almost a week there will be several locations for these festivities, both at the main fairground and in key places such as the Alameda de Marbella.

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    From 12 to 16 June

    Fair of San Antonio, in Frigiliana

Around 13 June, another of the province's fiestas dedicated to San Antonio de Padua is happening. On this occasion, this event includes a pilgrimage with the saint, but also a great party atmosphere both day and night, in what is the prelude to the summer season in Frigiliana, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

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    From 13 to 16 June

    San Antonio Fair, in Pujerra

This year in the Serranía de Ronda village of Pujerra the fair will begin on the feast day of San Antonio, which is a public holiday falling on a Thursday, and will last until the weekend. Last year's splendid and colourful street decorations done in crochet will be extended.

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    From 20 to 24 June

    Alhaurín de la Torre Fair

Fairgrounds of the Alhaurín de la Torre fair.
Fairgrounds of the Alhaurín de la Torre fair. Ayuntamiento de Alhaurín de la Torre

It begins in late spring and ends in summer. This tends to be one of the paradoxes of the Alhaurín de la Torre Fair, with THE big day being 24th June, the feast of San Juan (John the Baptist), but in the days leading up to that day there is a very full programme of both leisure and sporting activities. On the Sunday before the fair it is customary to celebrate the pilgrimage of San Juan.

* Other fairs will be held in April in Benaoján, in May in Montejaque and Totalán, and in June in Iznate, among others.

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