Consumer preferences are taken into account when deciding on the dates. sur
When can shops in Malaga open on Sundays and holidays in 2023?

When can shops in Malaga open on Sundays and holidays in 2023?

Stores have been given permission, by the Junta, to open on 16 special occasions this year

Isabel Méndez


Tuesday, 3 January 2023, 15:07

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Those who like to plan ahead can start doing so now, and so can those who always leave shopping for certain occasions to the last-minute as well. The Junta de Andalucía has published its calendar for the commercial sector, which shows that stores will be able to open on 16 Sundays or public holidays in 2023.

These are the dates in question:

• Monday 2 January

• Sunday 8 January

• Thursday 6 April (Easter Thursday)

• Sunday 30 April

• Sunday 2 July

• Sunday 30 July

• Tuesday 15 August

• Thursday 12 October

• Wednesday 1 November

• Sunday 26 November

• Sunday 3 December

• Friday 8 December

• Sunday 10 December

• Sunday 17 December

• Sunday 24 December

• Sunday 31 December

This only applies to stores with a sales area over 300 m2 in size, as smaller businesses are free to open as many Sundays and holidays as they like.

Every council in Andalucía can apply to exchange the dates of two Sundays or holidays for others.

When deciding on these special opening days, the Junta de Andalucía says it has taken into account the attraction of the dates for consumers in terms of shopping opportunities, and the times when there are a great many tourists in the region.

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