A tourist, protected from the sun with a hat, takes a photo in Malaga city centre. / SALVADOR SALAS

Summer set to arrive in Malaga with higher than normal temperatures for the time of year

"This weekend is going to be hot” says the director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre in Malaga, Jesús Riesc, who added it’s time to put the winter clothes away


Although there is still almost a month and a half to go before the official start of the high season, summer will unofficially arrive in Malaga province this weekend, with highs of up to 32C and unusually high night temperatures for the time of year.

Following the specific episodes of high temperatures recently, on this occasion the mercury is not expected to drop significantly again. Therefore the season of light clothing, sun bathing and beach visits can start.

This has been confirmed by the director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre in Malaga, Jesús Riesco. "This weekend is going to be hot. The temperatures are already above normal ​​for the time of the year and they are going to keep rising, degree by degree."

The average for May is a maximum of 24 degrees and a minimum of 14, and the meteorologist drew attention to what is currently happening during the early morning hours: "The high minimums we have, of 16 and up to 19 degrees, are very significant". It is considered to be a tropical night from 20C.

This situation is due to the presence of an anticyclone with a front that heats the atmosphere. "During the day, the easterly wind cools, but at night it doesn't, and that's why temperatures are higher than normal."

Will the high temperatures continue?

This weekend the summer will appear with greater force in the Guadalhorce Valley, where 30 degrees will generally be reached with up to 31-32 degrees in points such as Cártama, Coín and Pizarra. Antequera will also see high temperatures.

The million dollar question is whether this situation will be short, as has happened in previous episodes, or if summer is here to stay. Well, the response from the director of Aemet is that the values ​​will continue to be above normal for almost the rest of May: "The pre-summer temperatures are going to be maintained, so we can take out the summer clothes now," he jokes.

In addition, the arrival of a calima (suspended dust from the Sahara) is expected on Friday in the province, which will leave a haze in the skies. However, it will not be such a high concentration and no rain is expected, so ‘mud’ will not form, as has happened in previous episodes this spring.

As for the terral wind it is possible that it will make an appearance at the beginning of next week. There are no rains or storms forecast in the short term either, although it is not ruled out that something could develop at the end of May.