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Sumar proposes European strategy against organised crime on the Costa del Sol

Sumar proposes European strategy against organised crime on the Costa del Sol

The left-wing political group has described the area as "an all-inclusive" for money laundering, drug trafficking and corruption and called for tighter controls

Antonio M. Romero


Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 17:00

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Spanish left-wing political group Sumar has proposed a European strategy to combat organised crime, money laundering and drug trafficking on the Costa del Sol.

The group promoted the plan from the European Parliament ahead of the EU elections on 9 June. Provincial coordinator of the IU, Toni Morillas, on a visit to Marbella, where she was accompanied by the coalition's spokesperson in the region, Victoria Morales, announced the move on Tuesday 28 May.

Morillas pointed out there have been up to eight shootings along the Costa del Sol in the past four months "and this is the tip of the iceberg, a clear indicator that organised crime is at large on the Costa del Sol".

The left-wing leader said it is necessary to adopt measures in three areas: strengthening and reinforcing legislation to pursue tax havens, money laundering, organised crime and drug trafficking; greater coordination at the police and judicial level between the different EU states; and more effective measures to combat corruption, both in public institutions and in private companies.

Setting alarm bells off

Europol data places the Costa del Sol as one of the three most violent areas in Europe, with 120 identified criminal groups. "This reality or the references of the anti-drugs prosecutor who assures the main drug trafficking networks are present and operate from the Costa del Sol have to set off all the alarms and spark action from the European Union," Morillas said.

Meanwhile, Morales said the Costa del Sol is "an all-inclusive" for organised crime and Marbella is "one of the global headquarters of the international mafias, where all the ingredients for money laundering and all imaginable organised crime activity come together".

Regarding Spain's recognition of the Palestinian state on 28 May, Morillas described it as an "important step", but that it was "insufficient". "It is necessary that Spain and the European Union play a more decisive and courageous role and put an end to diplomatic and commercial relations with Israel," she added.

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