An AVE at Malaga's María Zambrano station / SUR

Unruly stag party youths ordered to compensate Renfe for AVE high-speed train delay

A Madrid court has ordered the eleven to pay a total of 7,676 euros to the train operator because their refusal to leave the train in Cordoba meant it arrived in Malaga 23 minutes later than scheduled


They were travelling from Madrid to Malaga for a stag do but they decided to get the party going a bit earlier, in the bar on the high-speed AVE train. They ended up being thrown off by the police for disorderly conduct when the train pulled into Cordoba station. Other passengers told SUR at the time that the noise and commotion they were making could be heard three carriages away.

That was on 6 July 2018 and a court in Madrid has now ordered the 11 men to pay the Renfe railway company 7,676 euros - 697.82 euros each – for the delay caused when they initially refused to get off the train in Cordoba. The AVE train arrived in Malaga 23 minutes late, and Renfe had to pay 216 passengers compensation for the late arrival. Now, those who were to blame will have to pick up the bill.

According to the court, the behaviour of the youths was extremely unruly as they were shouting, singing and banging the walls of the train, and ignoring Renfe staff who tried to get them to stop.

Police had to be called

The rail company has the right to ask its own security force to remove any passengers who disturb the peace or endanger safety on board and officers asked the youths to leave when it arrived in Cordoba. However, they refused and escalated their celebrations in the bar, drinking, dancing, singing and shouting loudly in a totally uncontrolled manner, the court found.

The company then contacted the police and they successfully made the 11 men get off the train. Renfe has said it is aware that more people are using the AVE to travel to other cities for stag parties and hen nights, and the inconvenience that some cause to other passengers.

It said it will continue to take action in such cases and will turn to the police for assistance whenever there are serious cases of disturbing the peace and take the perpetrators to court.