It will be built on the site of the old sports centre on the El Burgo road. V. M.
Future sports complex in Ronda will cost more than five million euros

Future sports complex in Ronda will cost more than five million euros

The town's council expects it to be ready within this term of office and is making final modifications to the PGOU (city plans) needed for the build

Vanessa Melgar

Friday, 26 April 2024, 14:05


The future Palacio de Deportes in Ronda, which the town hall is planning to build on the site of the current sports centre next to the road to El Burgo and the Ángel Harillo fairground, will cost more than five million euros, as announced this Wednesday by Ronda's mayor, María de la Paz Fernández, together with Bernardo Crespo (councillor for sports and recreation).

Ronda, the town that straddles the Tago gorge, currently has no similar facilities for large capacity sports and events. The plan is that this new space, which will also include the construction of an underground car park, can accommodate more than 3,000 people for sports events, as well as catering for other, different events such as concerts, as the building will be equipped with retractable spectator stands.

Fernández said that the town hall has already finalised modification of the PGOU (municipal urban plan) necessary to build the sports complex and that it will be presented for approval at the council's next plenary session this month. This innovation will have to be submitted for public consultation. At the same time, work is being carried out by the council's contracting department to put the drafting of the project out to tender in the near future, at a cost of 60,000 euros.

The intention is that the Palacio de Deportes de Ronda will be ready before the end of this term of office. Work is expected to begin within one year, according to both Fernández and Crespo. Lastly, the mayor pointed out that this project is "key" to her current term and it will also mean urban redevelopment for the nearby area. The car park to be built will provide around 100 parking spaces.

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