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Shop in Spanish town to give free ice cream to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

Shop in Spanish town to give free ice cream to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

Vouchers for half a litre are passed to a local cancer support association that will manage the handout to patients so they can benefit from "some sweet relief during the side effects" of chemo in Ronda

Vanessa Melgar

Friday, 17 May 2024, 17:40

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La Ibense ice-cream parlour in Ronda, headed up by Raúl Rico, together with Ayuca, the association that supports cancer sufferers and their families in Ronda and surrounding districts within the Serranía, has launched an unusual initiative. It consists of giving ice cream to patients who are currently battling this disease and are receiving chemotherapy treatment.

As Rico explained, the idea came about as a result of a personal experience. "My nephew died of cancer at the age of 17 and I remember that, when I went to see him, he always told me to bring him ice cream, which relieved the sores he got in his mouth from the chemotherapy," said the ice cream maker.

To this end, his shop, located in the popular shopping street known locally as La Bola, hosted an event last Thursday to hand over, on behalf of his business, a book of vouchers to Ayuca. It is this association, led by Carmen Torres, that will distribute the vouchers among the people they consider most deserving. As Rico stated on why Ayuca gets to decide this, "they are the ones who have to do it".

The voucher can be exchanged for a half litre (500ml) tub. "Heladería La Ibense de Ronda, in collaboration with Ayuca Association, dedicated to offering support to people undergoing cancer treatment and their families in Ronda and the Serranía, gives you this voucher for half a litre of ice cream free of charge and in solidarity with you. A small gesture to give you some sweet relief during the side effects of chemotherapy. Present this voucher instore and find a moment of comfort in your fight against cancer," reads each voucher.

For now the voucher book delivered by this ice cream parlour to Ayuca consists of a total of 50 vouchers.

Rico has a long history in the ice cream industry, following the family tradition. Last season the business made more than 50 different flavours, having opted for a totally artisan product and even responding to different food intolerances. He makes his ice creams with milk, with fruit, gluten-free, for vegans, sugar-free, or using sugar alternatives such as Stevia... This has made it one of the leaders in the trade in Ronda.

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