One of the Solidari@s en Ronda's premises in la Dehesa sur
Funeral costs raised in 45 minutes for man killed by train while trying to rescue pet dog

Funeral costs raised in 45 minutes for man killed by train while trying to rescue pet dog

The Asociación Solidari@s en Ronda put out an appeal to raise 3,000 euros on behalf of the man’s mother as she was unable to cover the expenses

Vanessa Melgar

Thursday, 5 May 2022, 12:02

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Following the tragic death of the young man who was hit by a train in Ronda last Saturday, as he tried to rescue his dog which had been trapped on the train tracks, the Asociación Solidari@s en Ronda launched an appeal at midday on Wednesday, 4 May, to finance the expenses of the cremation and burial. Within around 45 minutes the full 3,000 euros that the man's mother had asked for through the association had been raised and an anonymous donor also put up the remaining amount to cover the costs.

Head of the association, Pepi Guerrero, said: "Thank you for being the way you are, it took 45 minutes to raise the money,” while indicating that no more donations should be made, as a bank account number had been made public for this purpose.

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"His mother had him covered in her death insurance, but as he was in the army, he himself told her to remove his name. However, the army had told him that they only cover expenses if he was killed in the line of duty,” Guerrero wrote on social media.

However, late on Wednesday afternoon, the association said that they would return the 600 euros raised by donors and the 2,400 euros given by the anonymous donor when they learned that the father of the deceased young man would take care of all the expenses (the man’s parents are separated).


The tragic accident has shocked the Ronda area. J. L. C. C. C., known as 'Pepelu' was 26 years old and single, with no children. He was a soldier stationed in San Fernando. The accident happened at around 9.20pm last Saturday, when ‘Pepelu’ was walking his dog in the Calle Doctor Castilla del Pino area when it appears his dog somehow got trapped on the train track. A passenger train, which was running on the line between Antequera and Algeciras, hit him on the head as he tried to rescue his pet.

Solidari@s en Ronda, started on Facebook as clothes exchange. The association grew during the pandemic and today the team of people who maintain it help around 270 families, through different types of aid. They have two premises in Ronda and are beginning to extend their services to villages in the area.

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