Emergency services at the scene of the railway accident. / FRANCISCO JIMÉNEZ

Young man killed by train in Ronda while trying to rescue trapped dog

It appears the animal became entangled on the line while being walked and its 26-year-old owner was hit while trying to release it


A young man, of about 26 years of age, died on Saturday evening in Ronda when he was hit by a train when he was walking his dog alongside the railway line.

Police sources said the incident happened just after 9pm on 30 April on the section of track in the Olivar de las Monjas urban district of the mountain town.

First investigations suggest the victim was walking with his dog alongside the railway when it became entangled on the line and, while trying to free the animal, was hit by a moving train.

Firefighters, paramedics and police attended the accident but could do nothing to save the life of the young man. A full investigation has now been opened.

Services on the line that runs from Bobadilla to Algeciras, and carries a mix of freight and passenger traffic, were suspended for some two hours but have now been restored.