A woman takes shelter from the rain under an umbrella. Salvador Salas
Probability of rain in Malaga province and on the Costa del Sol is raised to 90% and brought forward to Saturday
Weather forecast

Probability of rain in Malaga province and on the Costa del Sol is raised to 90% and brought forward to Saturday

The approach of a 'dana' weather system combined with the high summer temperature of the sea increases the likelihood of storms and torrential downpours, according to weather experts

Matías Stuber

Friday, 1 September 2023, 08:34


The drop in temperatures that has already been noticeable in Malaga province will consolidate over the next few days and will also be accompanied by rainfall which is expected to arrive from Saturday and last at least until Tuesday next week. This is what Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) indicates in its latest forecasts.

This is because of a 'dana' (depresión aislada en niveles altos), a 'cold drop' depression at high levels of the atmosphere, over the southwest of the Spanish mainland bringing temperatures that are more typical of October and November. The sea temperature, which is still high from sunny summer days, increases the likelihood of stormy and torrential downpours especially, according to the specialist weather portal Meteored, in the vicinity of the Mediterranean.

On Saturday, the first showers are expected early in the morning, with a 90% chance of precipitation. The maximum temperature will be around 25C, while the minimum will be in the region of 20 degrees, a rather autumnal temperature.

More rain on Sunday

Sunday will also be wet in Malaga with more rain and a little cooler (maximum temperature of 24 degrees). The chances of rainfall are 90 and even 100%, according to Aemet. Minimum temperatures of 16C are well below the average for the first days of September. The rain will stop from Tuesday onwards and temperatures will also rise again, reaching a maximum of 28 degrees.

For today (Friday), Aemet forecasts cloudy skies, with intervals of high clouds. Minimum temperatures will remain unchanged and maximum temperatures will rise, reaching around 30C the province as a whole. Winds will blow from the southeast in the Antequera region, and be light with breezes and variable in the rest of the province.


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