The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created an enormous humanitarian crisis. AGENCIES

A practical guide to how people in the province can help the aid effort for war-torn Ukraine

Organisations in Malaga and along the Costa del Sol are seeking donations of money, medicines, hygiene products and more. This is how you can help and where you can go to assist their efforts…


Wednesday, 16 March 2022


More than two weeks after Russian troops started to invade Ukraine, the call for humanitarian aid to help those trapped or fleeing the conflict is more urgent than ever.

Volunteer organisations in Malaga city and along the Costa del Sol have worked round the clock in an effort to collect, sort and distribute aid to those who need it most.

Social media, WhatsApp groups and other communication channels have all been pressed into action to support those trapped in unimaginable situations.

To channel the aid, it is essential to know where to go, and in Malaga a network has been launched so that any member of the public can do their bit, however small.

In Malaga city there are two main collection points accepting donations: they are managed by Maydan, an association of Ukrainians on the Costa del Sol. The first of them, is on the Guadalhorce industrial estate, in the old Cervezas Victoria factory, but only for business donations.

Individuals must go to the Costa Golf caravan parking site (opposite Leroy Merlin) to make their donations. There, volunteers work every day of the week from ten in the morning to receive the donations they have asked for, mainly related to first aid, military equipment, uniforms and hygiene products.

Volunteers working all hours to organise the donations, near Leroy Merlin in Malaga.
Volunteers working all hours to organise the donations, near Leroy Merlin in Malaga. SALVADOR SALAS

The president of the group, Maryana Kasiv, explained that "clothes are not necessary" (except what is requested on the association's list) and that, obviously, what is donated has to be in good condition.

Volunteers are also needed at the facilities to help receive the donations and pack them for shipment to the warehouse and from there to Ukraine; they are overwhelmed, added Maryana.

There is also a website that channels another type of aid. It is also promoted by Maydan, the Ukrainian consulate in Malaga and the Women in Malaga TechPark collective, which has put its talents to use to create a simple website where individuals can fill out specific forms to help on various fronts: offers of accommodation, work, translation services, transportation, Spanish classes or volunteering.

Malaga city council has enabled eleven collection points (one per district) for residents to leave their donations, which will later be transferred to the Guadalhorce industrial estate. In the case of the Diputación, the provincial authority says that despite the fact that many municipalities collect material in their town halls, it is more efficient and direct to contact the Civil Protection volunteer service to make the deliveries.

Religious brotherhoods of Malaga also have specific material collection points set up in their facilities.

Meanwhile NGOs are asking for economic aid – but beware, never give cash at house-to-house collections, since being part of international networks it is easier to send transfers to the territories near the borders with Ukraine so that the aid can be used for the most urgent issues. This is the case of Cáritas, Bancosol and the Red Cross, which have set up current accounts and specific campaigns to help the Ukrainian people. Also those of Accem and CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid), the latter with a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds.


First aid medications

Bandages, Betadine, tourniquet harness, pneumothorax needles, burn medications, fabric scissors, analgesics, antibiotics, antipyretics, disposable gloves, dressings, Celox (for haemorrhages), antiseptics.

Military equipment

Sleeping bags, metal camping cutlery (complete set, with spoon, fork, knife, plate, mug), neck warmers / balaclavas, LED headlamps and batteries, flashlights and batteries, solar chargers / power banks, walkie-talkies


Socks, underwear, thermal underwear, military jersey, military uniform (jacket, trousers), tactical vests with pockets and holsters (preferably under AK), belts, tactical boots, helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, tactical gloves, tactical goggles.

Hygiene and more

Toothpaste and toothbrush, wet wipes, dry wipes, toilet paper, shampoo, disposable razors and shaving foam, needle and thread sets, notebook, pen, pencil, matches, lighters, dry alcohol.


Prosvita Association

Account for transfers: ES91 2085 8267 9203 3029 0610

CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid)

Funding channelled through crowdfunding:


Account for transfers: ES27 0049 1892 6828 1053 2056

Bizum at 04939



Campaign 'Cáritas with Ukraine'

Account for transfers: ES 33 2103 0146 94 0030016666


Account for transfers: ES54 2100 1693 9602 0024 6970

Web: (Filling in an online payment form with credit card, Paypal or Bizum)

Red Cross


Telephone: 900 104 971

Accounts for transfers:

Santander ES91 2085 8267 9203 3029 0610 Bizum at 33512

BBVA ES92 0182 2370 4600 1002 2227 Bizum at 33467

CaixaBank ES28 2100 0600 8502 0196 0066 Bizum at 0457

Sabadell ES31 0081 5232 2800 0108 4716 Bizum at 04048

Bankinter ES75 0128 0010 9701 0012 1395 Bizum at 00087

Cooperative Bank ES86 0198 0500 8020 2205 3421 Bizum at 02727

Triodes ES18 1491 0001 2130 0008 9598


Send Ukraine to 28092: €1.20

Send Ukraine to 38088: €3

Send Ukraine to 38092: €6


Malaga Stands for Ukraine

Backed by the City Council and Provincial Council of Malaga and the Andalusian Government and promoted by the Ukrainian consulate in Malaga, the Maydan Association and Women In Malaga TechPark, the web site: has been launched

From there, help can be channelled on different fronts: shelters, job offers, transportation, translation services or volunteering.

For questions and information there is an email linked to the website that people can contact:

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