Assets seized in the police operation. Guardia Civil
Police smash gang that swindled more than six million euros through internet scams on the Costa del Sol

Police smash gang that swindled more than six million euros through internet scams on the Costa del Sol

Guardia Civil officers arrested 13 people and raided homes throughout Malaga city and Marbella

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Monday, 11 December 2023


Homes in Malaga province have been raided as police arrested 13 people for their role in a cyber-crime gang that allegedly swindled people out of more than six million euros.

The gang is responsible for at least 100 offences in Spain and another 30 across Europe, according to the Guardia Civil. Officers searched homes in Malaga city and Marbella and seized 70 mobile phones, a tablet, six laptops, one desktop, a colour printer, 85 SIM cards from different operators, bank documentation, credit cards, six luxury watches and 7,500 euros in cash.

The police operation kicked off following a complaint filed at a Guardia Civil station in Alcalá la Real in Jaén where a company reported being the victim of a scam. The scammers interfered with communications between two companies by hijacking their emails, according to investigators. The affected company reported that it had detected an invoice payment of 29,000 euros to another company, in which the fraudsters had substituted the account number where the payment was to be made for another.

Officers located the holder of the account where the swindled money was deposited, who had been a victim of identity theft. The suspects opened 13 accounts in his name, all in different banks in Malaga province. Guardia Civil detected ten more people who had been victims of identity theft, as the gang had opened 47 more bank accounts bringing the total number of accounts controlled by them to 60.

The gang allegedy managed to deposit in the 60 accounts more than two million euros, of which 620,000 euros was transferred to other foreign and national accounts, according to investigators. In addition, 408,000 euros was also withdrawn from ATMs by members of the gang, and 972,000 euros was recovered by police after blocking bank accounts, according to investigators.

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