Police in Malaga launch speed and alcohol checks on jet ski drivers

The authorities want to keep beach users safe and prevent reckless behavour such as travelling too fast, getting too close to swimmers or even drink-driving at sea


Jet skis that get dangerously close to swimmers, others that travel too fast or are even driven by someone who has had too much to drink. Those are some of the situations that the Local Police in Malaga, are trying to prevent through pioneering operations at sea, in collaboration with the Guardia Civil and the Maritime Authorities.

They are using portable radar devices to check the speed of jet skis and other types of craft, and breathalysers to see whether the drivers have been drinking, together with cameras with telephoto lenses and binoculars to get a good view of what is happening on the water.

The first of these special operations took place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August between 4pm and 7pm, and during that time they detected 18 offenders. Five of these were travelling too fast, four were fined for not carrying their documentation or because it had expired, and three for entering the area reserved for swimmers.

The officers also reported some for not wearing the obligatory life jackets, others for intruding in the shipping channel and some for refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

In a statement, the Local Police explained that they are trying to ensure the safety of people who are swimming or taking part in recreational activities in the sea and protect them from the reckless behaviour of others.

The statement also confirmed that 17 jet skis and other craft had been checked with the portable radar last weekend and on five occasions the officers had to issue fines because they were travelling too fast or were using the shipping channels. However, the five jet ski drivers who were breathalysed all tested negative.