State of the three dogs on the day they were handed over to the Ladram Association, which took charge of their recovery. SUR
Owner convicted for deplorable state of three dogs near Casabermeja
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Owner convicted for deplorable state of three dogs near Casabermeja

The defendant will have to pay a fine for three minor offences of animal abandonment after three dogs, whose lives were at risk due to lack of attention and care, were found

Irene Quirante

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 21:58


Three dogs have been found on a rural property near Casabermeja in a "deplorable state of health". According to veterinary reports, the dogs' lives and integrity were in serious danger due to lack of care. The owner of the site where they were found has been convicted by a Malaga court for three minor offences of animal abandonment.

According to the sentence, to which SUR has had access, the accused has been fined for two months at a rate of eight euros per day, with one day of jail for every two unpaid fines and a disqualification for trade related to animals for nine months.

The convicted person will also have to compensate the association Ladram, which took care of the animals, for the amount of 362 euros. The ruling also imposes the payment of the costs derived from the legal proceedings.

The three dogs were rescued on 15 June 2022, after the Guardia Civil carried out an inspection of the defendant's property, where there were eleven dogs. Of these, three were in a very poor state of health and suffered sarcoptic mange, with one having ehrlichiosis (a disease caused by ticks).

According to lawyers, this is an unusual ruling in terms of the ratification of the sentence requested by the public prosecutor's office, as it recognises the three offences separately, instead of one crime of abandonment or mistreatment of animals, as usually happens in such cases.

Ladram welcomed the ruling, although it pointed out that there are countless occasions on which it has asked Casabermeja town hall "to comply with its legal obligations to protect the animals of the municipality and avoid such cases that harm the animals, the locals and of course the image of the town".

The animal rights organisation stressed the need for more preventive interventions by the local administration, associated with surveillance and inspection, to reverse situations such as the one in court, "which occurred in a public lane and in full view of everyone".

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