Carlos Zehr, founder and CEO of Nonoki. sur
Nonoki, a Malaga firm's alternative to Spotify, one of the Top 3 most-downloaded music apps

Nonoki, a Malaga firm's alternative to Spotify, one of the Top 3 most-downloaded music apps

The platform launched by Noname Hub studio enables songs and videoclips to be reproduced free of charge and with no limits

Nuria Triguero


Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 12:23


While the big streaming platforms appear to be conspiring to raise the price of their subscriptions, an alternative has emerged in the music and videoclip field which sails against the tide, offering users a free experience with no restrictions.

It is called Nonoki, a new platform which in just a few weeks has reached the Top 3 of the most-downloaded music apps on Android, behind Spotify and Amazon Music. This initiative from the Noname Hub creative studio in Malaga is also now in the Top 100 most popular apps, above Twitch, Facebook and Tinder.

The CEO of Noname Hub, Carlos Zehr, admits he is surprised and overwhelmed by the success of the app, which is seeing “4,000 to 5,000 downloads a day,” more than giants like Shazam or Apple Music (although in terms of accumulated total downloads there is obviously a huge difference). He also said that many investors and institutions have approached Nonoki as they are interested in getting involved in its future.

Nonoki’s aim is to offer “the most complete, affordable musical experience, with the least-restricted free version on the market”. Currently in beta phase, the platform is totally free to use. Its association with YouTube means it can access over 80 million songs and videoclips.

There will be a paid subscription in the future, for which no date or price has been set yet, but the free version will still be there and although it will contain some publicity, this will be “unintrusive”, said Zehr.

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