Spain's national Christmas lottery draw rains down big prizes on the Costa del Sol

As well as the 10.3-million-euro windfall in the town of San Pedro Alcantara, several players in Benalmádena, Torre del Mar and Malaga city have also won big


Lady luck has shone on the Costa del Sol this Wednesday morning, 22 December, in the draw for Spain’s massive Lotería de Navidad with 2.4 billion euros of prizes.

As well as the major 10-million-euro windfall in San Pedro Alcantara several ‘decimos’ for some of the other main prizes were sold in Benalmádena, Torre del Mar and Malaga city.

The annual Christmas draw held at the Teatro Real in Madrid, and broadcast live to the nation, is an essential part of the run up to the festive season as players hope that they will get as share the top prize, the famous Gordo (fat one) - which this year went to 86148 - and was sung at 12.12pm by children from the San Ildefonso school in Madrid.

The first fourth prize of the extraordinary Christmas draw has left 60,000 euros in Malaga province of, where three tenths of the number 42833, were sold in Benalmádena, Torre del Mar and in the Malaga.

And the third of the fifth prizes that was drawn - 26711 - has also deposited 60,000 euros to lucky winners in Malaga. And so did the fourth of the fifth prizes - 24198. The number 34345 also proved lucky for some players in the province.

In the 2021 Christmas lottery draw, a total of 172 million ‘decimos’ were put up for sale bringing in 3.44 billion euros, of which 70% is distributed in prizes amounting to some 2.4 billion euros.

The most eagerly awaited one is the Gordo, worth 400,000 euros to the lucky players that hold a decimo. The second prize is 125,000 euros, and the third is worth 50,000 euros for each tenth.

This year prizes of up to 2,000 euros can also be collected through Bizum.