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Work starts on new footbridges over A-7 that will give safer access to Fuengirola town centre
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Work starts on new footbridges over A-7 that will give safer access to Fuengirola town centre

Mayor Ana Mula has signed off the town hall financed project which will cost 817,590 euros, almost 150,000 euros less than initially budgeted

Lorena Cádiz


Sunday, 11 February 2024, 09:37


The works to install two new pedestrian footbridges that will cross the A-7, by Avenida Clemente Díaz Avenue in Fuengirola, have begun. Residents of both the town and Las Lagunas will benefit from the pedestrian crossings over the motorway at the Mijas road exit. The two footbridges will run parallel to the road bridge on the west and east sides and at the same height.

Those to benefit include residents of the growing La Calerita and Las Cañadas areas, who have been demanding an alternative route to the one they have to take along Avenida Clemente Díaz. Some residents in nearby Las Lagunas, part of Mijas municipality, will also benefit.

Last Thursday, the Mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, signed off the town hall financed works which have a budget of 817,590 euros. The mayor explained that the first of the bridges, the one that will be on the west side, will be 34 metres long, while the one that will connect the pavements on the east side will be 100 metres.

"Today we are starting to make this project a reality, which is an important action, especially for the residents of La Calerita, who we are integrating even more into the urban fabric of the town. We will substantially improve accessibility in this part of the town, where it is currently very difficult to walk. This will change radically in a few months," Mula said.

The project was put out to public tender in September 2023, and six companies competed. The contract has been awarded to Maracof S.L. for 817,590 euros (almost 150,000 euros less than initially budgeted) with a completion period of 164 days (47 days less than stipulated in the tender specifications). The project, which had been authorised by the state’s road department, will create two structures which will rise above the A-7 and run parallel to the avenue.

"We are very excited about this infrastructure, which will change this part of the town for the better. We continue to work on projects that are going to improve the quality of life of our residents," Mula said.

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