Councillor Martín visits the works in Nueva Laguna in Mijas. / SUR

Flood prevention work gets under way in Nueva Laguna, Mijas

The project, which has a budget of 1.1 million euros, will affect four streets and also aims to improve pedestrian access

Tony Bryant

Mijas town hall has begun an extensive reformation project in the area of Nueva Laguna (in Las Lagunas) in order to facilitate pedestrian access, and also prevent flooding in the area.

The project, which has a budget of 1.1 million euros, will include the redevelopment of four streets (Calle Río Guadalete, Río Tinto, Madreselva and Buganvilla), although the work will be carried out in two stages in order not to cause too much disruption to the lives of residents and commercial activity in the area.

The initiative was announced this week by the councillor for Infrastructure and Works, José Carlos Martín, who explained that work on Río Guadalete and Río Tinto has already begun, while the second phase will commence in December and should be complete before the summer of 2023.

The work will include the replacement of all infrastructure, along with a separate rainwater network, as well as new paving to match the aesthetics of the rest of the municipality.

“This is going to mean a leap in the quality of life of the residents in this area. The main objective is to install a rainwater drain network to prevent floods, which have become a regular problem.

We apologise to the neighbours for the inconvenience that the works will cause, but the project will have a direct impact on the improvement of their day-to-day lives,” Martín said.