The new monument is the work of local artist José María Córdoba. / SUR

Mijas remembers health professionals who faced the pandemic with "strength and pride"

A new monument has been dedicated to the health staff who played an important role in protecting the public during the coronavirus crisis and also those who died during the pandemic

Tony Bryant

Mijas town hall has unveiled a new monument that pays tribute to the thousands of health workers who played an important role in protecting the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

The sculpture, which has been installed on the roundabout located on the Carretera de Mijas, is the work of local artist José María Córdoba, who was present at the inauguration last week.

During the official ceremony, which was attended by the town’s mayor, Josele González, along with members of the town hall, representatives of the health services and social groups, the artist explained that the statue “supports the weight of a health service that faced the pandemic with strength and pride”.

Councillor for Public Roads, Nicolás Cruz, said the monument, which was unanimously approved during the plenary session in May 2020, highlighted “the professionals who have given everything for society”.

Deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín, added that the marble statue was also erected to the memory of all the people who lost their lives due to covid, a pandemic which he claimed “we must not and cannot forget”.

Martín said it was also important to remember the people of Mijas who came together to organise fundraising campaigns and to offer assistance to those who needed it most during “a pandemic unprecedented in recent history”.

“From today, we will forever remember what the health workers represented in our most recent history every time we pass this roundabout. They never considered themselves heroes, but they did their job as they knew best: they fought to save lives and to relieve pain. History may not remember the names of all the deceased, but we will never forget them,” he said.