Mijas forest fire: Level 1 emergency plan deactivated and AP-7 reopens after blaze declared 'stabilised'

According to the town mayor, people on the Vetania residential development were evacuated as a precautionary measure


Tuesday, 26 July 2022, 17:08


This Tuesday afternoon, 26 July, a new forest fire was reported, again in Mijas. On this occasion, the fire broke out around 3.30pm, when numerous people called the 112 Andalucía emergency services control room to report the flames.

Members of Junta’s Plan Infoca specialist brigade tackled the blaze from the air and on the ground, along with members of Malaga’s provincial fire brigade.

The mayor of the Costa del Sol Town, Josele González, told SUR that residents of the Vetania residential development were evacuated due to the proximity of the fire to their homes.

Other forest fires burning along the Costa del Sol

"The fire seems to be in a low area of ​​​​the mountain and that is why people have been evacuated from these homes, but we hope that as soon as the Infoca helicopters intervene, it can be controlled and people can return to their homes," he said at the time.

In addition, traffic was cut in both directions on the AP-7 between kilometres 201 and 214 due to the smoke from the fire.

However, at 9.21pm, the fire in the ​​La Majadilla del Muerto was declared 'stabilised' by Plan Infoca, and the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, Carmen Casero, deactivated level 1 of the Emergency Plan for Forest Fires, which had been active for five hours, at 9.30pm.

At 5pm the Junta's delegate, Carmen Casero, announced the activation of Level 1 of the Forest Fire Emergency Plan. This level is declared in those fires where the need to implement Plan Infoca measures for the protection of people and non-forest assets is foreseen.

Plan Infoca on its Twitter account, detailed that six aircraft have been deployed, as well as 32 forest firefighters, an operations technician and an environmental agent to deal with the flames.


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