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Mijas Local Police force's squatter squad carries out 50 evictions

Mijas Local Police force's squatter squad carries out 50 evictions

The housing eviction unit, created just a year and a half ago, has already proved highly successful evicting people from squatted properties in the town

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 26 July 2023, 16:56


The Housing Eviction Unit of the Mijas Local Police, created just a year and a half ago in the town, has taken stock of the work carried out in the first six months of 2023. This has resulted in the eviction of people from around fifty squatted properties.

Mijas Town Hall highlighted the "fundamental role" played by the public in these cases, as on numerous occasions it is the owners of the occupied property who report the squatters to the police.

Once the Local Police's 'squatter' unit receives a complaint they go to the property to make an inspection. After this, they interview the owner of the property and identify the individual, or individuals, allegedly responsible for the crime of usurpation, who are then taken to the Guardia Civil and are subsequently brought before the courts.

This control work has been intensified in the residential areas, which are most prone to this type of illegal activity.

In the event of any suspected case of squatting, the Local Police force in Mijas can be contacted directly on 952 46 08 08 / 952 46 09 09, or via the 112 emergency number.

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